“Photos through a lens by my eye” JC


Most of the time I feel like an Hawaiian. No care as the motto goes, ainokea (i no care – no worries) or even shaka (hang loose), the island style of life. Guessing going to the islands through out the year could be a factor or is it the way I dress?

Many do ask what my ethnicity is, banana fits, Asian on the outside yet white in the inside. My Irish dad plays a big part and the food I like but not my current Japanese mother. Lets just say, I fit in well with my company.

Taken over my free time is being a photographer of cosplay. Press coverage of CONS increased my Anime/Manga intelligent level which does not help in the real world or does it. Love for Anime movies led to watching the endless series that are out there. Artistic understanding of photography, I appreciates the skill and creativeness that is put into costumes.

Pushing a button only to capture what is seen through the lens by my eye.  Camera may be glued to hands please do not pry out for pain will occur.